Stage Stories

Stage Stories is a writing/theater arts integrated program designed to inspire positive self-identification and vocal expression in young people. Middle school students explore various texts - books, music, scripts, and visual art - that inspire them to think more deeply about their lives, their voices, and their communities. Participants learn about artists who have reshaped communities, and the world, through the power of their writing. Utilizing creative writing, basic theater skills, and devising methods, Stage Stories offers students the opportunity to bring their personal narratives to life through performance.

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Narrative Crossings: Exploring Identity, Community, and Voice

Narrative Crossings is a community-based writing project that connects local high school and college students. The project invites youth participants to explore questions of cultural identity, one’s place in the community, the experience of crossing boundaries, and conceptions of voice, belonging, and home.

Participants collaborate with writers, poets, and photographers as they explore different mediums for sharing their stories with the broader community.

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Questions? Contact Kerri Bowen @ 617-580-2670 or kerri@citylightswriting.or